Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Twelve of Filming

Plus, Shark City on City News!


Never said...

Wheres Corey ??!!!!
Hope he's doing a good job and hope the movie absolutelety blows up. Good luck everyone involved.

Some Haim photos daily peeps, c'mon !

Louisiana Lady said...

I was thinking the same thing never .. I'm not sure if he is done shooting, but if he reads this .. we are rooting for ya .. give me a hollar .. love ya

Anonymous said...

Those are some heavy neon blues on the set :) Love the Shark City shirts the girls are wearing! I want one! :P

Sunmomma said...

I can not wait for this movie to come out. I love the story line.
I want a Shark city Shirt too!!
Oh and BTW, where is Haim??? lol
I had to chime in too..
Hey Corey, give us some love !!

alisa s said...

Where's Corey, was looking forward to seeing that wonderful smile....