Friday, July 25, 2008

Corey Haim is Back!


Louisiana Lady said...

Glad to see ya back Corey Haim .. luv n kisses .. ever in New Orleans look me up .. WINK

Anonymous said...

So very awesome to see Corey back and doing well.
Can't wait to see the movie!
Always a fan!
Love, Sabrina

Louisiana Lady said...

Oh great .. now you have to look better than usual CH. I love you in that hat. BTW you posed with someone i know ..had sunglasses on .. super HOT. Wish i was there to pose myself. Hope you check out my site:

Corey Haim Fan Forever and Always said...

Right on Corey keep up the awesome work buddy. I'm really glad Corey is doing very well and seeing him happy.

Sunmomma said... awesome for you.
Ready for you to get your website up and running. You really need your own blog, would love to hear about this movie and you first hand. You are still just as hot as ever.
Oh BTW love the hat.

RW said...

Way to go Corey! I am a big fan and its great to see that you are back doing what you love...keep up the good work!

Toniann said...

Great to see you back Corey! Can't wait to see the look hot as alway :)

brian said...

Haim seems to be cracked out of his mind in these pictures. Nonetheless, I wish him (and the saints working on this film with him) the best of luck. Hopefully, they're insured!!

Shannon said... glsd to see you back...although you never really left to begin with. you have and always will have such a true fan base that loves you and what you do. you are a truely talented human being and were born with a gift..keep doing what you do. by the are looking so hot these days and some girl is really lucky..

gena said...

Corey is back!! Yeah!!
Can't wait to see this film. For me though you never left. I've been a fan of yours since I was 14 and will continue to be until I'm 114!! (lol) You are an amazing actor and I give you so much credit for overcoming the obstacles in your life and now coming up on top. Never listen to people who say otherwise. You're forever amazing to me and many other fans!!!
Take care,

Mr. TBWE said...

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